Amnesty is an act of granting forgiveness to a person who has committed a criminal offense in the past as an act of sovereign power. The criminal offenses are usually political. The pardon is bestowed to the criminals by a higher class of people like the government, the parliament or the royal highness. Not all criminals are purely evil, and a human heart has the capacity of forgiving. Some exceptional cases of crimes committed by the offenders are analyzed and granted amnesty. 

Laws are made and implemented in the world, to ensure safety and discipline. The offenders of laws are discouraged by punishment. The severity of punishment and the space for amnesty depends on the intensity of crime. If a person commits serious atrocities like mass murder, torture, theft etc, the situation becomes unforgivable. However, there are certain crimes mostly political, that if forgiven might ensure goodwill in the long term. Now the question is how is amnesty beneficial in the long term? 

If amnesty is granted to a criminal, it might lower down the enemies thereby ending the perils of war. The supporters of the enemies might not get aggravated, and might not commit that crime again. On the contrary, if severe punishments are given to the lawbreakers, it might worsen the situation and the peace of the world might face exposure. With multiple examples throughout the history, amnesty has proved out to be helpful in maintaining harmony. 

With an incentive of promoting human rights, a non-profit organization was founded by Peterson Benenson in 1961, known as Amnesty International. In the past, many countries used to punish people severely for speaking up for themselves. Some of the punished ones were even underage. The organization completely loathes death penalty. What they basically do is, help people internationally to achieve their rights and fight their cases. They analyze the whole case on both ends and help people get out from jail for the crimes that don't deserve such heavy punishments. Currently, Amnesty International has more than 7 million members. They help fight abuse of human rights by setting up campaigns, protests and gathering people for the support. They are funded and backed up by non-governmental people and organizations. They have been working successfully for all these years and have also been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for their campaign against torture in 1977. They have been against the death penalties since the start. In 2007, Amnesty International saved the life of a Yemeni citizen Hafez Ibrahim. Today he has devoted his life to the service of organization as a tribute. 

Although the basic idea if amnesty is to promote human rights, it has created many controversies till now. The idea of amnesty has been misused by some criminals. Therefore lawmakers have raised questions of justice when it comes to amnesty. Restrictions need to be put up regarding amnesty in order to eradicate any sort of injustice in the world.



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